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I recently moved to Santa Monica from Minnesota and am renting an apartment from Stern Property Management. They’ve been incredibly easy to deal with. Not only has Ophir (and everyone I’ve dealt with at SPM) been professional, prompt and courteous the building is incredibly well maintained! As if that wasn’t enough...Ophir recently went way above and beyond what’d you expect from even the best customer service. I went back to MN for the holidays and left a set of concert tickets (for a concert I was going to attend in MN) back in my CA apartment. Being new to town, I didn’t have anyone to go to my apartment and get my tix for me. I called Ophir and without any hesitation he offered to go get them and FedEx them to me. He saved the day!

Kate L.
review from Kate L.

My girlfriend and I are currently living in one of the properties managed by Ophir and Stern Property Management and have been for almost a year. We’ve have had a great experience with little to no trouble. Whenever we have had any maintenance issues, Ophir has responded in a timely manner -- either by phone or email. Any critical repairs (our gas-heating system went out during a cold spell) were handled the next day. They recently installed an A/C unit at no cost to us for these sweltering end of summers. All in all, a really great experience -- and the online rent payment system is convenient and easy to use.

Aldis K.
review from Aldis K.

They let me out of my lease early no questions asked and gave me a full refund on my deposit since I got someone to take my place and left the place in perfect condition (I paid a cleaner and a guy to fill in nail holes and touch up paint). The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because I had to call constantly to get things handled in a timely manner and didn’t always get calls returned when promised but they were very responsive and supportive with my needing to move before my lease was up. I asked if I could come by and pick up my deposit in person so I could get it right away and was allowed to do so and got my deposit the day after I moved out. Thanks guys!

Monica H.
review from Monica H.

I have lived in a building managed by Stern Property Management for a few years and have not had a bad experience. I find Ophir to be competent at his position. Our building is an older one and they are pretty good about replacing things. In fact, was surprised and happy to have an old stainless steel stove top replaced with a new stainless steel one. That happened shortly after my request and Ophir was responsible.

Sandra S.
review from Sandra S.

My girlfriend and I lived in a Stern Property in Santa Monica and I honestly don’t have any complaints. When things broke, they came to fix it in a timely manner. When we moved in we didn’t have a refrigerator so we asked if we could have one put in the unit and they gave us a new one. They even gave us a pro-rated refund credit when we moved out 6 days before our lease was up. It took 2 months to get the credit but the property we lived in changed management companies so that may have been why it took a while. Either way I really miss that apartment and we wouldn’t have moved from it if we hadn’t left LA.

Phil W.
review from Phil W.

They manage the building where my office is located on Melrose Ave. I’ve been renting here for a few years now and are extremely satisfied with the management. There were issues with homeless people loitering around the trash and they took care of it immediately. Ophir came to the property instantly to go over the issue and do a walk through. He always responds to my phone calls within minutes. I’ve never had a manager be so hands on and resolve issues at the speed that Stern Property Management does. They ordered a larger bin and it arrived right away. The property is now immaculate and very well light at night. Even though the parking lot is in the alley its now free and clear of homeless people. There’s even a company that comes and cleans the property weekly. I love the location of my office, its so convenient and in such a hip area with great places to lunch.

Chad A.
review from Chad A.

I had the pleasure of working with Ophir Stern Property Management in my search to find an apartment in the LA area. Moreover, Ophir Stern was completely professional, extremely knowledgeable about the rental market and above all responded in a timely manner. Additionally, I would highly recommend working with Ophir and his company based on my positive experience!

Michelle H.
review from Michelle H.

This is a continuation to my first review back in February. Stern Management has always helped me and taken care of my requests in a timely manner. I have been living in their 2BR apartment for 7 years now but have to downsize. I’ve been looking at 1BR’s apartments for over 2 months now and found nothing as nice as a Stern Property. I was very sad I had to move. However, I got lucky! The 1BR apartment upstairs became available and Ophir has negotiated a great price with me along with giving me all new fixtures! Stern Management painted, put in a new Kitchen floor, bought a new stove, a new bathroom sink, new blinds, new closet bedroom door and polished up the hardwood floors! They also installed 2 Iron screen doors for me for free! I was going to buy them myself and have my handy man install them but Ophir said he will take care of me because I have been such a good tenant. I couldn’t believe it? I have no complaints about Stern Property Management. As a matter of fact, I just have compliments! Thank you Ophir for making my move pleasant and always taking care of me and being a great property manager!

Debra P.
review from Debra P.

I live in a building managed by Stern Management, and I love the fact that apartment living is more like living in a home. The management company makes sure that the building is safe and clean and when there is a problem in your unit, they promptly take care of the issue. They just recently installed laminate flooring in my living room and every time I walk in there, I get this feeling of warmth and beauty. Thank you Ophir for making it happen.

Renee N.
review from Renee N.

Thanks Ophir for everything!! – I’m writing this review to thank Ophir. 2 times I was on a business trip and he waited for me 1 to 3 days to pay the rent without charging me any late fees. Thank you, I really appreciate your help and understanding man. That’s why they deserve 5 stars! Not every company does that for you!

Hank S.
review from Hank S.

Great Building to live in... – I just moved into an apartment management by Stern Management a few months back and they have been great. Unlike my last place I lived they have really been on top of fixing anything that I asked about immediately and call me back right away. I love my new apartment and the building is really well maintained. Ophir really takes great care of his tenants.

Collett B.
review from Collett B.

Happy with Stern Service! – Stern Property Management is an experienced company in the property rental business. They have a wide range of services for us landlords and our tenants. It’s wonderful to receive my check every month without having to deal with any issue related to my properties.

review from LucasMey

Happy with y Student Housing!! xD – I don’t know the difference between one and another property management. I hated the idea of looking for an USC apartment but a good friend in LA helped me. He already knew of Stern. All I did was to get the required paperwork for the application. It was easy, fast and I am happy with the outcome! xoxo =P

review from SnoopyD