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Hollywood view of city

Hollywood Attractions

  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • Chinese Theatre
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood is located in California. Although this world renowned district is merged with Los Angeles, it is not a part of the city. Many people across the globe know Hollywood as an icon in the film industry as virtually all the huge productions were actually filmed here. Just like the city, the Hollywood logo in the hills has become exceptionally famous. Basically, Hollywood features most of a Mediterranean climate and yet it shows some warmer characteristics - it receives an adequate amount of rainfall though. If you plan to move to Hollywood, you will be able to enjoy 320 sunny days annually.

There are various things in Hollywood for you to enjoy depending on your interest. Many people refer this part of the world to be the land of the dreams because of the amount of opportunities it offer for all the kinds of people. Some of the main attractions in this exciting part are Universal studio Hollywood, Paramount studios, Hollywood walk of fame, Farmers Market, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood sign, Los Angeles Hollywood Streets & Los Angeles Hollywood Theaters.

When it comes to the cost of living, Hollywood is very expensive than the national average. So, you need to be perfectly confident about your financial stability; you shouldn’t plan to move to Hollywood without a stable income. Housing options including apartments are also expensive in Hollywood. The prices may range however, with the amount of amenities in the housing units. So, you should be able to talk to your property management company and find a list of apartments that fits your budget.

Selecting the right kind of neighborhood is another critical aspect to consider before moving. Different neighborhoods have different characteristics. For instance, the Greater Hollywood neighborhood is where you get the famous Hollywood sign. It is also home for the Melrose District. You will get plenty of dining options with all the kinds of cuisine in this area. West Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment industry. It is the home for Beverly Hills and Bel Air like many other studios.

It is important to make your decision is a comfortable one before you move. Therefore, it is strongly advised you to move on rental basis first and see if the surrounding and the living conditions supports your lifestyle.

Schools in Hollywood, California

In terms of education, Hollywood offers multiple options for you to select. The list of schools in Hollywood includes but not limited to the following.

  • Halstrom Academy
  • Berkeley Hall School
  • Pacific Hills School
  • Beverly Hills High School
  • Larchmont Charter School
  • Bridges Academy
  • Harvard-Westlake School

The effect of cost of living may vary depending on from which city you are moving to Hollywood. If you are from a more affordable city, you will start to feel the “too expensive” feeling immediately. So, have an idea about the affordable apartments with the help of your property management company and prepare your budget well in advance. Nevertheless, despite the cost of living, Hollywood is somewhere you get what you pay for!

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