Property Owners in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Property owners in the LA area can rely on our expertise. Stern Property Management offers a full range of services, from marketing and leasing to maintenance and repairs. We have a long track record of successfully managing all kinds of properties, from apartments and condos to commercial buildings.

Why should I hire a property management company?

Full service Property Management Company in Los Angeles, CA serving West Los Angeles, Palms, Culver City and West Hollywood. Stern Property Management is one of Los Angeles’s Premiere Property Managers; we offer our services to commercial & residential property owners in the Greater Los Angeles & Southern California area.

What property management services do you provide?

As a full service property management company in Los Angeles, we provide a variety of services like marketing, rent collection, 24/7 maintenance and repairs, handle all tenant inquires and complaints, enforce payment collection, and more.

Are your property managers licensed in California?

Yes. Our property Managers are licensed in the state that they do business.

If I hire Stern Property Management for my Los Angeles property, do I lose control of it?

Absolutely not. Since the property is owned by you, you will always have all control and we take instruction from you. We are here for guidance, advice and can provide recommendations on what to do with your property, but you will ultimately have the last word on every decision.

Do you provide insurance during the time you are managing it?

No. We can help place you in contact with an insurance broker and can also help negotiate the terms, but this will be separate from the services we provide.

What legal steps will Stern take when enforcing payment?

Since we are a full service property management company in Los Angeles, we will take all the necessary steps to enforce payment as allowed by California law. We will also attend arbitrations on your behalf, if necessary.

How can I refer my friends or relatives to you for property management services?

Anyone interested in learning more about the property management services we provide in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles or elsewhere can call us at 323.525.1501 or contact us via our online contact form.

How are maintenance issues and repairs handled by Stern Property Management?

We have an in-house property maintenance department comprised of seasoned professionals. All maintenance dispatchers remain on-call after hours, weekends and holidays for emergency requests.

How will my rental property be advertised?

Stern Property Management has its own, well-ranked website that lists vacant units. In addition to this, we advertise aggressively through multiple online websites across the internet and local listings. We will also place rental signs at the property.

What areas do you manage properties in?

We recommend that all owners be pet-friendly when it comes to renting out their property. This increases the occupancy rate. The standard pet fee we charge to the tenant is $500 for up to two (2) pets. The breakdown of the charge involved a non-refundable $150 which is used for cleaning as well as other property needs; the remaining $100 is refundable as long as the damage and.

Is there a smoking or pet policy for the properties you manage?

If you have already settled for one of our units or commercial rentals and you’ve downloaded an application form for Tenancy; then you are half way down the road to successfully initiate a lease with us. The next step is to fill out your form making sure all information is accurate and also that the documentation requested by us is complete. Remember, this will secure a place for you once you’ve submitted your deposit.

How are potential tenants screened and selected?

We process all applications with full credit, criminal, sex offender and past eviction background searches to ensure that all tenants are credible. Based on the information obtained, tenant are scored against industry standards and recommended policies which are followed to either accept or declines the prospective tenant.

How and when are payments disbursed?

All rent is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late after the 3erd of the month. All property owners are paid after rent is collected and cleared for the property. We recommend keeping these dates in mind when scheduling monthly mortgage payments. You will also be supplied with a monthly statement at the end of each month which will include all income and/or expenses for the month.

What is done to prepare a property for rent?

Expect to make the property appealing to visitors and guests. This may involve projects like painting or patchwork done to the property as well as carpet cleaning and other minor repairs. If the property is maintained in good condition, it is likely to rent faster and will maintain a higher rental value.

How is the monthly rent amount determined for a property?

A series of factors are taken into consideration when calculating a rental value, but it is ultimately the rental market that will determine the amount.

How much do you charge for property management?

Our rates depend on the type of property you have, its size, location and the rental market in that area. With this in mind, our typical rate is 5% of the rent. We offer discounted rates for multiple properties.