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There's plenty to enjoy about West Los Angeles, from the sunny beaches to the diverse culture. California has quite a bit of a reputation to be expensive, although not all of it is earned. There are many places in California that can be very expensive, there's also quite a few apartments West Los Angeles has to offer that are reasonably priced and extremely nice to live in.

That's why when you are looking to make the move into Los Angeles, you should do your homework. Without the right amount of preparation, making the right choice of the apartments West Los Angeles has on the market can be difficult.

Facts about West Los Angeles

The city of LA spans the distance of 472 square miles. One of the most desirable parts to live in is West Los Angeles. The region has the distinct pleasure of having of the most famous coastlines in the world. Warm sunny days are a big part of the coast that stretches from Malibu to Long Beach. Many of these iconic locations include the Santa Monica pier, to Venice’s Muscle Beach, as well as Malibu’s stunning shoreline.

Schools in West Los Angeles

There are several school districts to choose from when you are considering apartments in Los Angeles. Some of the best schools in this region include Malibu and Santa Monica school districts.

  • Webster Elementary School
  • Malibu High School
  • Juan Cabrillo Elementary School
  • Point Dune Elementary School
  • Edison Preschool
  • Grant Preschool
  • Canyon Elementary School
  • Franklin Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Virgil High School

Things to do in West Los Angeles

Aside from the stunning stretches of beachfront, there's plenty in West Los Angeles to enjoy and take in. Venice Beach has some of the best locations to shop and explore, and there's a good chance you may see a celebrity or two. The Getty Center is one of the best museums in the Los Angeles area. If you enjoy the Getty, there's also the LACMA or Los Angeles county museum.

If you are considering just a few of the apartments West Los Angeles has on the market, these tips can help you make an educated choice. Moving can always be a stressful time and the right amount of research can help you be prepared for your move to Los Angeles. Call Stern Property Management we can help you find the right apartment in West Los Angeles.

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