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Koreatown Attractions

  • Shrine; Los Angeles's best Karaoke
  • Bangla Bazar & Restaurant
  • Daiso Stationary Store
  • Dongguk

Koreatown is located towards the western side of the Downtown Los Angeles and towards the southern side of Hollywood. It has a reputation for its diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. In fact, this neighborhood has an approximate area of 3 square miles. It was once known to be the epic center of the Golden Age Hollywood. Koreatown is also the home for interesting venues such as reputed Ambassador Hotel, Cocoanut Grove and Brown Derby. As of today, Koreatown’s diversity has become exceptionally rich due to the contribution of Korean and Latino residents.

In terms of active lifestyle of this particular neighborhood, Koreatown is rated to be one of the greatest concentrations of nightclubs throughout the country. More importantly, this particular area hosts a large range of 24-hour businesses and specialty restaurants in the country. Due to the high variety of activities, even the most frequent visitors have not experienced the whole of Koreatown yet.

Things to do in Koreatown

Being one of the most dynamic districts in the country, Koreatown offers a range of things for the residents and visitors alike.

  • Shrine; Los Angeles’s best Karaoke
    Although it is bit complicated to find this famous karaoke bar, it is known to be the best in the town. This is a great place that has an Egyptian interior to wake up the exotic desire. The wild atmosphere in this particular Karaoke bar is capable of attracting you. This place is also a great venue to have parties for smaller groups (up to 30 people).
  • Bangla Bazar & Restaurant
    Due to the versatility of the population, Koreatown hosts various restaurants and Banlga Bazar & Restaurant is one of the best places in town. The third street in the strip is dubbed to be the Little Bangladesh; you will find food items such as mutton Biryani which are exceptionally rich in spices.
  • Daiso Stationary Store
    This is the host for a large number of products with huge variation. This particular shop will make you addicted to shopping. The amount of stationary items you will find here is exceptional; you will get everything from multicolor pens to modern business card cases which are affordably priced for the delight of customers. The stocks of this particular shop updates pretty regularly.
  • Dongguk
    If you wish to receive some acupuncture therapy in Koreatown, this is the place you should visit. It is a place that teaches acupuncture and also offers acupuncture treatments for the customers at very affordable rates.


There are many opportunities for you to try depending on the need when it comes to education in Koreatown.

  • Cahuenga Elementary
  • UCLA Community School
  • Rise Kohyang Middle School
  • Wilton Place Elementary School
  • Ambassador School of Global Education

Cost of living

Unlike many districts in LA, Koreatown features a good affordability in terms of cost of living. Even the apartments are fairly priced compared to the other districts in the region. In fact, there are plenty of housing options in Koreatown to try depending on the budget and the personal interest.

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