Los Angeles: Property Management
Services or Apartment Rentals

We offer a variety of property management services as an elite property management company in Los Angeles. We manage the day to day necessities of your property and can guarantee protection of your investment, minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. Our property management services include:

  • Tenant screening & credit checks: All of our applicants participate in a full credit, criminal and past evictions background check to ensure credibility and protect your investment.
  • Rent collection: On-time rent collections for one or all of your properties, maximizing your profit and guaranteeing timely payment.
  • 24- hour maintenance & repairs: Never have to worry again about an after hour, weekend maintenance repair. Our seasoned staff also handles emergency requests, addressing them promptly and effectively.
  • Property inspections: Before a tenant moves in and after he or she moves out, property inspections are done on the apartment to maintain the quality of the apartment and establish security deposit guidelines for the tenant.
  • Accounting & budget services: As your property managers in Los Angeles, our priority is to minimize costs and maximize your return on investment. Our experienced accounting staff can provide a variety of accounting reports in order to achieve all client goals.
  • Monthly reports: All clients will receive monthly statements for their properties with detailed and current information on property finances, maintenance requests, and income/expense reports.

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