Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a tenant?

If you have already settled for one of our units or commercial rentals and you’ve downloaded an application form for Tenancy; then you are half way down the road to successfully initiate a lease with us. The next step is to fill out your form making sure all information is accurate and also that the documentation requested by us is complete. Remember, this will secure a place for you once you’ve submitted your deposit.

Do I need to pay a deposit and why?

A deposit serves to make sure all terms under a lease or contract are complied within the time frame for which they were created and legally signed by both parties. In this case evidently, it concerns money handed (in any amount or methods of payment) to a landlord or Property Management Company and it may be used according to what is specified under the lease/agreement for different purposes, such as: Cleaning, maintenance or damages on property premises caused by the Tenant or his guests, other than normal wear and tear. On the other hand, you are eligible to get a refund if your application is denied and/or someone else is given the apartment. In such cases, you will get back the full amount of your deposit if the unit is as clean and all conditions are equal (different than what is caused by normal wear and tear) to what was encountered when moving in.

How do I schedule a visit in order to view any of Stern Property Management’s available rentals?

You have many options to choose from. You can either email us indicating the unit or units that you would like to visit or click on the set an appointment tab at our website and we will more than gladly schedule an appointment where you will have the opportunity to personally overview the unit. Remember you can always call us at 323-525-1501 to set up your appointment at the spot. Business hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm and Saturdays: 8:00am-2:00pm

What payment methods do you accept at Stern Property Management, both for my deposit as well as my monthly rent?

Regarding the rent deposit payment, it will be accepted in the form of a certified cheque made payable to Stern Property Management. To pay your monthly rent you may take advantage of our Pay Rent Online option.

When is rent due and when is it considered overdue?

Unless payment arrangements have been made between both parties, rent is considered due no longer than the first day of every month. In the same manner, if rent is not payed by the above mentioned date, it will be considered as overdue.

Is everyone subject to the signature of the lease and what happens if my roommates leave, will I be held accountable by myself, therefrom?

We prefer that all persons (18 or older) living or intending to live at the apartment or unit sign the lease. Everyone should share the responsibility and it should be divided equally, especially in those cases where the payment is being shared between all Tenant(s). Yes, all lease agreements are legal contracts that cannot be broken without authorization or the consent of both parties involved. As such, Stern Property Management will modify the previous agreement In order to reassign you as the one and only Tenant(s) within the apartment/unit.

Who should I address any type of complaints pertaining a rule violation, burglary, auto theft, noise, poor service from staff or open area maintenance and access?

It is a policy of Stern Property Management and a practice which is common among us to encourage neighbors to talk to each other in order to resolve issues or difficulties. However, in some circumstances neighbors either just don’t like to use these mechanisms or the situation call for the need of law enforcement and a higher authority in order to put a stop to them or punish such felonies. Besides this, you may also file a formal complaint addressed directly to the management and the bylaw/rule Council of Stern Property Management where it will definitely be reviewed and actions taken to resolve it.

Can I bring my pet(s) with me?

It depends on the type of apartment/unit you are moving into and what is specified within your lease or contract. In the case of Stern Property Management, you are able in some of our units. However, you may face eviction if your pet is too loud, destructive, disturbing and aggressive or is an animal/species considered inherently dangerous.

Am I able to sublet or reassign my unit and what happens if I do so without the consent of Stern Property Management?

Former approval from Stern Property Management is required no matter what period or length of time will the sublet take place. The new Tenant(s) will then submit a new application upon being authorized to inhabit the unit and the original Tenant(s) will remain responsible for the payment of the rent. In reassigning, if the new Tenant(s) are approved then besides submitting a new application they will also have to sign a new lease and a new last month’s rent deposit.
In the case of not being able to meet all of the above mentioned, the original Tenant(s) will continue to be held responsible for the apartment/unit.
If done without any prior approval from Stern Property Management, the Tenant(s) and current unauthorized occupant(s) may be subject to eviction under the discretion of the Board/Council.

How soon will the costs for rent increase?

Leases are generally 12 months long and as stated by law, a payment amount or a fee can only be increased after an agreement has been reached by both parties or after a previous lease has come to an end. We review all leases prior to there yearly anniversary term, if we decide to give a rent increase you will be notified in writing.

Who is responsible for repairs and where does Stern Property Management’s responsibility ends?

Stern Property Management is usually responsible to maintain the unit/apartment in a general good state of repair even if it is specified within the lease that the Tenant(s) of keeping the unit in its best shape. The Tenant(s) is responsible for keeping the unit/apartment under utmost cleanliness and hygiene standards. He should have to pay for any damages caused by either him or any other person living in the unit/apartment.

How early do I have to notify Stern Property Management if I plan to move out?

Prior to moving, you must provide Stern Property Management with a 30 day written notice.

What will happen if I’m unable to comply with the terms of my lease and under what circumstances will Stern Property Management evict me?

Under different circumstances which are major faults to our agreement, Stern Property Management may consider eviction as the last resource, including some of the following:

  • Rent is continuously not paid in full.
  • Tenant(s) is frequently overdue.
  • Damage has been caused to the property and the Tenant(s) fails to accept responsibility for it.
  • Illegal conduct is being performed by the Tenant(s) in the unit or on property grounds.
  • Safety of other inhabitants is being constantly compromised.
  • Peace of others has been disturbed.
  • “Overcrowding” too many people living inside the unit/apartment.
  • Income not reported for subsidized housing.
  • Stern Property Management considers that the unit/apartment will be used for other than rental.

How to set up your utilities?

Department of Water and Power (open 24 hours a day)

Electricity, Water, Trash


The easiest way to set up your electricity, water and trash is online or over the phone

Online Instructions:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Sign in to your user account
  3. Click turn on service-residential
  4. Answer a series of questions if you do not have a Social Security Number put 000-00-0000 in the space provided.

Things you need to know ahead of time:

  • Are there any locked gates at the property?
  • Is the electric meter located inside the house/building?

The So. Cal Gas Company (open 24 hours a day)



If you do not have a Social Security Number and/or drivers license, you must set up your gas service over the phone. You will not be able to complete the process online. Furthermore, the gas company will require a deposit between $20-$200 depending on location.

Online Instructions:

  • Click on Start, Stop, Move
  • Click on Start Service Online under the New Customers: Online Start Service Request
  • Answer a series of questions