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Tuesday, 18 OCT 2022

Property Maintenance for Property Owners

Property Maintenance for Property Owners

Now you can sleep tight while we handle all your Maintenance and Repair Calls!

It is a huge relief to know that a professional and licensed property management company like Stern Property Management in Los Angeles is taking care of your business.

Our many years of experience has taught us how to efficiently handle any maintenance or repair issue that may arise at some point with tenants during a rental agreement.

Property owners who live far away or simply do not want to deal with these issues can sleep tight because we have everything under control.

This is how we handle maintenance or repair calls:

  • We have a 24-hr emergency line (323) 525-1501 for tenants to use when our office is closed.
  • We also have an Online Maintenance Request form that will be reviewed by our maintenance department and will contact you in timely manner to coordinate the repair.
  • Once a maintenance request or call has been received we solve the issue as prompt as possible.
  • With over a decade of experience and a well-oiled team of subcontractors and business partners, we can't wait to improve your properties' performance.
  • We make sure the repair has been done in top-notch conditions!

Both rental owners and tenants know that Stern Property Management Company in Los Angeles has and promotes three essential principles: responsiveness, quality of work, and cost efficiency.

You are in great hands! Contact our team of property management experts in Los Angeles for more details or simply browse through the properties we currently manage in greater Los Angeles, Santa Monica and areas nearby to see that they are in pristine conditions!

(323) 525-1501!!