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Let Us Help You Find The Right Property!

Let Us Help You Find The Right Property!


Renting a property in Los Angeles, CA is not a decision that one can make overnight. It is necessary to think of all you will need and all the factors that matter in your particular situation prior to signing your lease. At Stern Property Management, we are committed to provide you with our expertise and know how to satisfy all of your needs and taste.

We are Southern California’s premiere full service property management and apartment rental company in Los Angeles. With many apartments for rent in Los Angeles and many years of experience in the property management business, we want to share with our readers some important information for their apartment rental decision making.

There are a variety of factors to consider before renting a place, for instance: price, size, location, neighbors, amenities, transportation, nearby places, duration of the lease and more.

The Check List

It is advisable to make a list with all the important issues that are relevant for you, such as; paid utilities, parking options, location, unit size, length of the contract, good name of the property management you are working with, among other previously mentioned factors.
These are important points to check before signing a lease that will commit you for a determined time with the landlord. Here you will find some helpful advice prior to renting your next Los Angeles apartment home:

  • The easiest and most practical way to find out what types of apartments are available is to do some research in the Internet, our site offers an easy-to-find filter for all our properties.
  • You can also be more traditional and circle the ads on the newspapers and check out rental magazines. Write a list of all properties that attracted your attention for all factors that are important to you, and then schedule your visits with the agent or go to the open houses.
  • The apartment visit will give you a better idea of the size and amenities and appliances available in your price range.
  • Make a list of all the questions you'd like to ask the property manager before visiting the apartment so you don't forget any detail.
  • If necessary take important notes or pictures of the units so you can compare afterwards and choose the one that suites you better.
  • Also, if you like the property but you can’t afford it by yourself, consider getting a roommate, which is a great option for sharing expenses. If you are a USC student or prospective student we offer great USC student housing for rent very close to campus!

With our property management experience and help in apartment rental choices in Los Angeles areas, you will make a decision that will hopefully satisfy you 100%. Let us assist you with the paperwork, applications, fees and everything you need!

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