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How to Make a Rental House Feel Your Own!

How to Make a Rental House Feel Your Own!


Renting your own place can be stressful and is often the first step to becoming fully independent. However, if you feel you are struggling to with making the decision to rent because of the limitations on decorations, fear no more! Yes, we do understand that there are limitation which may mean no painting or remodeling, but there are various ways you can make your rental feel like “home” by playing with furniture, decorative pillows, art pieces and so much more. So please, we invite you to go ahead and sign that lease agreement.

As we said, there is always a lot you can do with a rented apartment or house. Inside plants always work as great focal points. Also, consider shopping around for some wall pieces that can easily be hung with a tack or nail. Photo boards are often a great idea, since you can personalize them with photos of your friends and family, while also being able to place your to-do list or other important pieces of mail. If you live in a small place, mirrors can often be used to give the room a sense of spaciousness, making it seem much larger than it actually is.

Decoration is the key. Everything from coffee tables, rugs, lamps, bookcases and more can give the home your personal touch. Take your favorite furniture piece and paint it a bold color or cover it with a bright fabric. It’s always a good idea to have one piece that attracts attention and becomes the focus of the room which can often make it more appealing. We recommend not worrying on pricing if you are shopping for new pieces unless you are on a budget because you can easily take anything you purchase with you when you move. We’re also big fans of scented air fresheners. Smell is one of the strongest senses and anyone who comes into your home with a pleasant smell will remember it pleasantly. We promise.

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